Monday, January 3, 2011

Amityville hOuse Dan Kasus Pembunuhan Di Dalamnya

Rumah ini pernah dikenal sebagai tempat berhantu dan paling menakutkan di dunia. Pernah juga difilmkan di tahun 2005-an dengan judul " Amityville Horror".

Here's the first story which make this place so scare and haunted:
After a lengthy trial that concluded right before Thanksgiving, Butch DeFeo was found guilty of killing his father, mother, two brothers, and two sisters. On December 4, 1975, Justice Thomas Stark said that the crimes were “the most heinous and abhorrent,” and sentenced Butch to 25 years to life. No other suspect was ever prosecuted for the crime. Officially, Butch DeFeo acted alone in the grisly crime. Unofficially, the evidence pointed to a conspiracy.
Herman Race, a former New York City supervising police detective, was hired by Michael Brigante Sr. to investigate the murders. Brigante had testified at trial that he did not feel that his grandson acted alone in the commission of the crime. Since Brigante did not feel that his grandson had done all that he was accused of, he wanted Race, a licensed investigator and friend, either to prove or disprove the case against Butch.
Race eventually uncovered evidence that showed there were multiple gunmen and at least two guns used during the commission of the crime. During a private court hearing and at trial, Race's findings were corroborated by the prosecutor and the medical examiner, who was astonished that one man sat accused of being the sole gunman.
Jadi...kalo di film sih ceritanya.. ada sebuah rumah indah dan terlihat mewah pada masa itu dijual murah.. tapi gak laku2. Setiap ada yang membeli rumah itu, beberapa saat kemudian mereka gak tahan karena sering diganggu suara2 misterius. Hal itu karena pada masa lampau, terjadi sebuah tragedi pada sebuah keluarga yang terdiri dari bapak, ibu, 3 anak laki2, dan 2 anak perempuan.
Anak laki2 tertua keluarga itu yg bernama DeFeo, merasa seperti kerasukan suara2 misterius, dan kemudian ia jadi kalap dan akhirnya membunuh semua anggota keluarga yang lain yang sedang tertidur lelap.
Nah, kalo di film lagi ne.. usut punya usut ternyata, rumah itu jaman dulunya banget... di bawah tanahny ada penjara bawah tanah yang digunakan untuk menyiksa tahanan, khususnya orang2 indian pada masa itu.

Berikut ini adalah foto2 hantu di tempat itu :

This is The Suspect of the murder case ( Ronald Defeo) :

And There are the victims of the murder case : ( Defeo's Family )


  1. This is a really sick but real story. We should start believing that there are 'weird things' or 'strange things' on this earth. All we can do is offering our life to save theirs. They seek rest, rest that we couldn't give to them and that's our fault! If I saw the movie I was crying cause I want those ghosts having help so that they can rest in peace. That is all that they need: 'rest'.

  2. yes you're right. we always afraid if there is a ghost ask help to us although they do it in the good

  3. cynti neko kawaii ur pretty :D

  4. omb :O this's real rite? uuuuuu BOO!! haha

  5. of course it's very..very real..:D just try to go there to prove it! lol

  6. i love these things its so interesting to look up hauntings and just to find out what happened there and who lived there i am in love with haunted things and ghosts its just so cool i would love to go into a haunted house but this one seems to scary to go in

  7. actually DeFeo not be in possession actually
    He admit this link

  8. The whole story is an absolute hoax, DaFeo's lawyer William Weber has already admitted that he and the Lutzes cooked the whole story up, one in order to get DaFeo a re-trial and the other so the Lutzes could get themselves out of their own self-made monetary debts. Plus theres huge discrepancies in the story itself such as no foot prints being found in the snow that Lutz said there was due to the fact there had been no swnofall at the time Lutz said it tooks place, the Priest has also denied it stating there was no problems that took place during his visit to bless the home. But why let the facts get in the way of gullibility huh?

  9. ahh está em inglês nao entendo nada......