Monday, January 10, 2011

How this girl turn herself from ugly duck to be a princess?

Beauty is not everything. But we can't deny it if all of the girls want to be beautiful even make herself to be a princess. And for you guys... don't be cheated of a girl.. because now.. it's so very very easy to change your face.. even from an ugly duck to be a princess.

Look at this girl! Looks like an ordinary girl? yap,, even she looks not beautiful... But, she has many ways, smart ways to be a princess with her make up kit. How's the way she makes up herself.. Let's learn it girls!

TA-DA..!! She already finish her make up and she has changed...!! How beautiful she is!

Now you can believe that beauty is not an eternal thing. Everyone can turn herself to be anything you want. Just be confidence with your self galz...^^


  1. It's called Ulzzang look. . . You can learn more by googling it. They even give you step by step for it.

    But you are cute enough so I don't think you need it. lol.

  2. martin.rizki@gmail.comSeptember 24, 2011 at 3:33 AM

    nice blog.. it s cute pink.. whawhahwahw

  3. hha..iy..all about pink because i like this colour, look so sweet...^^